When Bodies Revolt with Brandon Wehn

Published: 9/10/2018
98 minutes

While editing the 2 Keto Dudes podcast, Brandon realized keto and perhaps fasting could help him.


Download (90 MB)


Brandon Wehn
Brandon Wehn (pronounced when) is the owner of Sound Thoughts, LLC, an audio production company focusing on podcast production and publication for companies and individuals interested in creating high-quality audio podcasts. In 2012, his life-long passion for meeting people and newly inspired desire to learn about different cultures first hand led him to give up all material possessions that wouldn't fit in a single backpack; when at the age of 30, he set out to live a nomadic lifestyle. Over the past five years, he's traveled to over 30 countries, on four continents; and has no intention of settling down anytime soon. Brandon's motto in life is simple: minimize your possessions to maximize your life experiences and deepen your personal connections.

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