Sam Feltham the man who ate 6000 kCals/day and lost weight

Published: 12/17/2018
79 minutes

The dudes talk to Sam Feltham, director of the Public Health Collaboration in the UK about how they are changing the UK health landscape through their lobbying ... but also about the time he ate 6000 kCal/day and lost weight falsifying the "Calories In - Calories out" hypothesis.


Download (73 MB)


Sam Feltham
Sam has been in the health and fitness industry for over a decade. Starting out as a party coordinator at a sports centre and working his way up to studying at the European Institute of Fitness and qualifying as a Master Personal Trainer. After 5 years of running a fitness boot camp business Sam decided to move away from that business in order to fully focus on improving public health by setting up and directing the Public Health Collaboration.

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