Published: 2/22/2016
37 minutes

Why is sugar so toxic? Is there a difference between how glucose and fructose get metabolized? Carl and Richard answer these and other important questions about sugar on this episode of 2 Keto Dudes. Recipes this week include Pad Thai Chicken from Carl and the Maple Bacon Ice cream from Richard.


Richard mistakenly referred to the ancient greeks discovering that Diabetes is related to sugar by tasting it .... actually that's not true. In 1674, it was English physician Thomas Willis discovered that the urine of a diabetic Patient was "wonderfully sweet as if imbued with Honey". The ancient greeks however first noticed that people who had diabetes had insatiable thirst and peed all the time - so the name diabetes is greek for "Siphon". They have a sense of humor those ancient greeks.

Richard said (11:25) that "Lustig says ... that fructose causes insulin sensitivity" ... but of course he intended to say "fructose causes the insulin resistance that ultimately makes glucose an acute poison"


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