Hunger and Nutrition Movies

Published: 8/21/2016
50 minutes

Carl Franklin and Richard Morris discuss a few of their favorite movies on the subject of nutrition. Following that, the conversation turns to hunger, the difference between real hunger and carb cravings, and strategies for helping you recognize the difference. They also answer questions about keto without a gall bladder, and as usual, provide a couple killer keto recipes.


Richard said that the body makes carboxylic acid to lower the bodies pH, but it is carbonic acid (H2CO3) that is made in respiratory system and the concentrations managed by your kidneys.


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Difference between nutritional Ketosis and ketoacidosis

The 5Fs of Gall stones (Fair, fat, female, fertile and forty)


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MOVIE: Supersize Me

MOVIE: The Perfect Human Diet

MOVIE: Fat Head

Tom Naughton - Why patents don't trust Doctors

Marty Kendall - How to use your glucose as meter as a fuel gauge

Richard's frozen pulled meat trick

MOVIE: Fixing Dad

Carl's Recipe: Beer Can Burgers (Caveman Keto)

Richard's Recipe: Baked Potimarron