Cholesterol Code Update with Dave Feldman

Published: 4/18/2017
72 minutes

Dave Feldman (@DaveKeto) is back to share more of his research and theories about Cholesterol and the lipid system. He's been doing more N=1 experimentation to determine what effects exercise has on lipid numbers. The results may surprise you. Dave is famous for the Feldman Protocol, a method by which you can make your blood lipid panel move in a dramatic positive or negative way depending on what you eat for the 3 days before a fasting blood test. This show is chock-full of nutritional value. Pun intended.


Download (66 MB)


Dave Feldman
Dave Feldman is a senior software engineer and business developer. He began a Low Carb, High Fat diet in April 2015 and has since learned everything he could about it with special emphasis on cholesterol, given his lipid numbers spiked substantially after going on the diet. Tweet dave @DaveKeto.

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