Heart Disease

#16 Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Carl Franklin and Richard Morris talk about the science behind heart disease, a component of cardiovascular disease. What is it? When did it start becoming a real problem? How did it happen? Does a ketogenic diet help mitigate it? Of course, the entire discussion is based on solid science, which they have provided links to.


Richard mentioned the "number needed to treat" or (NTT) for statins is 141. But that is incorrect. The Number needed to treat to save one life for someone who has heart disease is 83. You need to treat 83 people over 5 years with statin therapy to save one life. The NTT to save one life for someone without prior heart disease is 8 because no lives would be saved no matter how many people without heart disease took statins.

Carl mentioned that Mahler's bread is only 1 net gram of carbs per slice. There is some controversy around this. Some labels show 5 net carbs and some (including the label on my own loaves) show 1 net carb. We'd like to get to the bottom of this mystery!

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