Protein Controversy

#33 Monday, September 26, 2016

Richard Morris puts forth a hypothesis that explains three controversies surrounding protein. 1) How much protein should we eat? 2) If you fast do you lose muscle mass? 3) If you eat protein does it turn into sugar in your body? Experts disagree about the answers to these seemingly simple questions. Richard has done the math to explain how they are all correct under the right circumstances. This is a very technical discussion, but there is practical guidance that comes out of it, if indeed Richard is correct. As of this recording, it's just a hypothesis. More study and more input is required.


Richard referred to a minimum requirement of 51g of glucose being required to run the brain, the actual figure should be 50g - he made a rounding error in his spreadsheet. The math in the post on our blog is all double checked and (hopefully) free of rounding errors. 50g of glucose, from the glycerol released by burning 500g of fat, which requires that Angus Barbieri ask his body to deliver 3850 kCal of energy, and have at least 123.23 lbs of body fat.

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