Weight Loss Surgery Stories

#52 Sunday, February 5, 2017

Richard Morris and Carl Franklin talk with three weight loss surgery (WLS) patients (Dr. Louise Reynolds, Donna Lordi, and Daisy Brackenhall) about their experiences - and how they all landed on the ketogenic way of eating. This is a 2-hour event!


Richard mentioned for each 1% increase in HbA1c there is a 22% increase in diabetic complications, the actual value is 21%.

Listen Now (112 minutes)


Dr. Louise Reynolds

Louise Reynolds is a military wife to Andrew and mum of three teen boys. In her working life, she was the first Australian female paramedic to gain her PhD and has spent the last 14 years teaching in the undergraduate health science program at a local university. Her spare time is spent strength training at the gym, planning overseas travel and preparing delicious tasty (#boringketo) ‘recipppppesss’.

Donna Lordi

Donna Lordi, MA, is a counselor in the state of Illinois. She is about to sit for licensure. Donna graduated from Lewis University with a Master’s in Counseling Psychology, and she has additional certification in working with children and adolescents. Her research interests focus on human sexuality as well as health psychology. Donna is also a contributing author for the book Hooking Up: The Psychology of Sex and Dating by Dr. Katherine Helm, PhD.

Daisy Brackenhall

I am a 40 something Brit and have lived in France for the last 13 years. I have been overweight or obese for most of my life. I started on the big change with weight loss surgery about 8 years ago. After years struggling with a gastric band, I had my gastric sleeve a few years ago and started finding out about LCHF soon afterwards. It has taken a couple of years for me to become keto but I am so glad I have. I was surprised to find that the extra reduction in carbs has significantly helped with carb cravings as well as my emotional eating habits. I also have Hashimotos, depression and migraines. The latter two have been improved monumentally since I have been eating keto. I love being part of the 2KetoDudes' new adventure on the forum and am also very proud of the Facebook page I started. I cannot claim ownership though - that goes to the great women who make up the members.


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