Beyond Atkins with Dr. Eric Westman

#65 Monday, May 1, 2017

Carl Franklin and Richard Morris interview Dr. Eric Westman about his work with Dr. Robert Atkins, his medical practice, his experience treating Type-2 Diabetes with a ketogenic diet, and his newly-launched HEAL program (Healthy Eating and Living), which he hopes will scale up efforts to provide much-needed information to millions of people with Diabesity.

Listen Now (53 minutes)


Dr. Eric Westman

Eric Westman is Chief Medical Officer of HEAL Clinics, and Director of the Lifestyle Medicine Clinic at Duke University. Eric is a well-known doctor and author who in the last ten years has successfully treated over 4,000 patients with obesity and Type-2 Diabetes using a low-carb high-fat diet as the first line of therapy.


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