Bad Science with Nick Mailer

#72 Sunday, June 25, 2017

Carl and Richard talk to Nick Mailer about bad science: how to recognize it and avoid it. Nick gives many examples of how we have been conditioned through language to accept bogus claims. The source of this bias may surprise you.


Richard mentioned he visited a Sydney Meat-up hosted by Julie and her husband .. he meant to say Linda. Apologies

Also after the podcast was recorded, Richard listened to a podcast by Dr Chris Masterjohn that gave an heroic dismantling of the AHA coconut oil press release and the studies behind it. We've linked THAT in the show notes.

Listen Now (64 minutes)


Nick Mailer

After obtaining a degree from the University of Leeds in English and Philosophy, Nick Mailer co-authored the first book in the UK on the education possibilities of the Internet. He co-founded The Positive Internet Company, UK's premier open-source managed services organisation. He also founded the Campaign for Unmetered Telecommunications, and has spoken at conferences on the nexus of culture, technology and semiotics. Since 2010, he has adopted a paleo-ish LCHF lifestyle, to which he nevertheless applies a multidisciplinary scepticism! He lives in London with his wife, daughter and cat. Nick presented 'Chemophobia, Appeal to Nature and Paleo Puritanism' at AHS in 2016.


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