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A 2 Keto Dudes Mug

What better way to enjoy your keto coffee, tea, or other beverage than with a 2 Keto Dudes mug from our online store.

A signed copy of "Lies My Doctor Told Me" by Dr. Ken Berry

Dr. Berry personally signs a copy of his book, Lies My Doctor Told Me and sends it to your door!

A bottle of Stevia Sweet BBQ Sauce

Developed by a BBQ restaurant owner who plans to change the restaurant industry forever. This sauce is full-flavored and only 1 gram of sugar with 2 carbs per serving. Online at

A cheese-making kit from Wine and Whey

Make your own fresh mozzarella cheese in 30 minutes! Online at

A six ounce cup of beef bone broth concentrate from Birthright Nutrition

Simply add water, heat, stir, sip, and enjoy. Makes 42 ounces of deep rich delicious bone broth jam-packed with collagen, gelatin, antioxidants, and minerals. Online at

ReMag Magnesium Solution

Developed by Dr. Carolyn Dean along with a copy of her protocol, and the Keto and Magnesium Manifesto presented at Ketofest2018. Online at

Fasting Drops from Keto Chow

It’s a well-formulated blend of electrolytes. Just drop a little in your water and fasting will be a breeze. Online at


A bottle Set of Sated RTD now (one chocolate, one vanilla). Online at

Keto & Co

A Keto & Co Sampler six pack: One bag of brownies, four assorted bags of flavored cauliflower rices, and one bag of flat bread. Online at