Switching it Up with Megan Ramos

Published: 3/19/2017
47 minutes

While at the Low Carb Breckenridge conference in Breckenridge, CO in February 2017, hosts Richard Morris and Carl Franklin had a conversation with Megan Ramos from Jason Fung's clinic in Toronto, ON. Megan has thousands of hours of clinical experience dealing directly with diabetic patients who use fasting and ketogenic eating to reverse Type 2 diabetes and lose weight. Her advice, to switch up your diet more often than not, is the topic of this conversation. If you are on a ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting and find yourself at a plateau, take the time to listen to this episode. It may change your life.


Download (43 MB)


Megan Ramos
Megan Ramos is the Program Director and Clinical Educator for Intensive Dietary Management, Dr. Jason Fung's clinic in Toronto, ON. She attended the University of Toronto and developed a strong interest in preventative medicine. She has worked along side Dr. Fung since 2003.

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